You’ll Be In Tears Too When You See These Kids’ Reactions To The New Puppy


As a child, you dream of getting a puppy. What could be better than having a furry companion who you can play with, talk to, and cuddle? Not much really.


So when these parents surprise their kids by showing them their new furrever friend, they are left totally speechless. Correction: they burst into tears, wail, and some even collapse to the floor.


surprise-pup-3Source: @Pixable


They've never known such happiness.  And no wonder - the sheer cuteness of the puppies is enough to move anyone to tears!


Have you ever had a dog? Remember your excitement when you saw it for the first time. Was it a surprise?


surprise-puppy-1- gifSource: @Pixable


It's that mixture of shock, disbelief and joy that inevitably makes us all break out into tears. Realising that adorable fluffy thing running towards us is going to be doing that for years to come. There's nothing quite like it.


surprise-puppy-3Source: @Pixable


Watch what happens when these people realise that that adorable fluffy little puppy is the newest member of the family. We defy you not to shed a tear yourself when you see their reactions.


This video's been viewed over 100 million times and it's no surprise – it's the definition of heartwarming:



Hits you right in the feels.

Posted by Pixable on Wednesday, 15 July 2015