When Her Best Friend Was Run Over, This Stray Dog Lost Hope. But Her Saviours Arrived Just In Time


Once again, the Los Angeles-based rescue centre Hope For Paws has shared another heartwarming story which is sure to make you smile!


Hope For Paws got the emergency call about two stray dogs roaming the streets of California. For her friend it was unfortunately too late, but Birdie was spotted by Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, and his assistant, Lisa Arturo.


birdie-rescue-1Source: @Flickr


Birdie was playing hard to get but the rescue team followed her, hoping that they could get her cornered.


Eventually she hid under a pile of wood. With the help of a worker who trapped Birdie from the other side, the dog felt a little more at ease with Arturo and began to peek out from her hiding place.


birdie-rescue-2Source: @Flickr


The poor little pup must have been starving! She was very happy to accept the bits of cheeseburger which Arturo offered to her.


birdie-rescue-3Source: @Flickr


Finally, Birdie gave up and she let Arturo put the special Hope For Paws Lucky Leash around her.


birdie-rescue-4Source: @Flickr


Once safe in Arturo's arms, Birdie became a perfectly content little pup!


birdie-rescue-5Source: @Flickr


Hope For Paws got her safely into the car and she was on the road to safety, away from the hunger and the dirt of the streets.


birdie-rescue-6Source: @Flickr


Once at the shelter, it was time for a bath! The volunteers at Hope For Paws gave this beautiful little girl a good and thorough wash.


birdie-rescue-7Source: @Flickr


What a difference a little soap and water makes! Birdie is almost unrecognisable, having lost a pound of dirt and matted hair in 30 minutes.


birdie-rescue-8Source: @Flickr


After being taken care of by a medical team, Birdie enjoyed a few days at home with Hagar. The adorable little ball of fluff was then taken to Maltese Rescue California, where she obviously wouldn't have to wait long to find a new family!


Of course, the beautiful pup quickly found the perfect forever home in just three days. She was adopted on 30 April and is as happy as can be, thanks to the work of Hope For Paws!


birdie-rescue-9Source: @Flickr