Two Kittens Were Left To Drown In Oil Before Their Rescuer Fought To Keep Them Alive


A Siberian region was hit by two drastic environmental disasters last summer. Firstly, the flooding of the river Ob, the seventh largest river in the world, and then later, a huge oil spill, after a pipeline burst in Nefteyugansk, Russia.


The whole area was a mix of floodwater and petrol and thousands had to abandon their homes. However, in the process of evacuating, it seems some callous residents also abandoned their animals.


kitty-russia-1Source : @TheSiberianTimes


Local resident Anatoly Tuptey heard kittens crying in a nearby house which had been badly flooded. The young man didn't hesitate to go to their rescue, wading through the thick black liquid which was up to his waist.


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When he got into the house, he discovered two tiny kittens desperately trying to stay above the oily water by clinging onto a piece of wood.


The young man told The Siberian Times:


I waded as far as possible in big boots and discovered a terrible sight. In the flooded house a wooden board was floating, with these two kittens clinging on for their lives with their paws. One was up to its neck in the oil.


He approached them gently and picked them up, wrapping them in his t-shirt. His heroic gesture saved the two kittens lives, who would have no doubt drowned without his help.


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The tiny kittens were clearly in a state of shock, but Anatoly took them home with him where they started to recover.


The pair are getting used to their new life in their rescuer's home, where they've become close to another four-legged friend.


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Anatoly was a true saviour during the eco-disaster, adding, "A few days earlier I rescued people and equipment when a boat overturned, this day it was kittens."