14 Cats Who Have Chosen The Weirdest Places To Take A Nap


Perhaps it's the fact that our feline friends are so slinky that they can make themselves comfortable anywhere.


Well, that's definitely the case for these 14 cats who have chosen some surprising places to get some shut-eye:


1. Serious balancing skills!

Source : @EarthPorm


2. This one's slightly harder to wrap your head around… 

cat-sit-fun-2Source : @DivaDiary


3. Somebody's watching you…

cat-sit-fun-3Source : @UpLiftingDaily


4. "What eggs?"

cat-sit-fun-4Source : @UpLiftingDaily


5. "One day, we cats will rule the world."

cat-sit-fun-5Source : @Twitter


6. Not sure how comfortable the cat at the bottom of the pile is!

cat-sit-fun-6Source : @BuzzFeed


7. "Where's the flour gone?"

cat-sit-fun-7Source : @UpLiftingDaily


8. Not the most advised spot for a nap.

cat-sit-fun-8Source : @BuzzFeed


9. Interesting decision.

cat-sit-fun-9Source : @TKoala


10. "Oh, I like it in here."

cat-sit-fun-10Source : @BuzzFeed


11. They love this spot!

cat-sit-fun-11Source : @BuzzFeed


12. Is that really comfortable?

cat-sit-fun-12Source : @Flickr


13. Classy end to the night!

cat-sit-fun-13Source : @Imgur


14. At this point… why not!

cat-sit-fun-14Source : @Flickr