Tiny Kittens Found Without Their Mother Refuse To Stop Hugging Each Other


Two five-week-old kittens were found together without their mother in Montreal earlier in 2016. According to the site Love Meow, they were emaciated, frightened and covered in fleas. They also had eye infections and were distressed from being alone. It is unknown how long they were fending for themselves, without a mother, at such a young age.


orphan-kittens-canada-6Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal


The pair was taken to Chatons Orphelins Montreal (Orphaned Kittens Montreal), where they were given medical attention, food, lots of love and attention, and names. They were baptized Bane and Ines.


orphan-kittens-canada-3Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal


They refused to stop cuddling, and even as they started to feel more comfortable around humans, they still carried on spending all their time together.


orhpan-kittens-canada-2Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal


No-one knows where their mother was, and the two were fending for themselves in the cold and in the street. But once they were taken care of by the medical team, the pair was safe from harm and no longer had to fight for their lives.


orphan-kittens-canada-4Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal


The organization said on their Facebook page:


Bane and Ines are two kittens who are very attached to each other and have formed a strong bond. Ines is constantly looking to check that Bane is not too far, and Bane, in turn, is always hugging his little sister.


orhpan-kittens-canada-1Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal


The kittens, who overcame starvation, living without their mother, eye infections and dehydration, have since been adopted by their forever family and were renamed Marius and Fanny.


orphan-kittens-canada-6Source: Chatons Orphelins Montreal


The duo was and is inseparable, and proved that all obstacles can be overcome with a best friend to lean on. Thanks to their rescuers, they can spend all their days playing and hugging each other. You can find out about adoption from Chatons Orphelins Montreal by clicking here.