Tiny Kitten With A Paw Missing Waited For 3 Days Without Food Or Water For His Rescuers


On October 24 last year, workers at the African Maritime Services at the Waterfront Harbour in Cape Town, South Africa, were surprised to hear strange noises coming from one of their wooden reels. These reels are hollow inside and are made to store long, steel cables.


kitten-billy-rescue-5Source: The Kitten Cottage


They thought the noise was a bird in distress, but when they looked inside the reel, they found three tiny kittens with their eyes still closed. Two of them had unfortunately already passed away, but one little black kitten was fighting for his life.


kitten-billy-rescue-7Source: The Kitten Cottage


Billy, as they named him, was making a racket – he definitely wanted to be heard. He had a severely injured paw, which would require immediate medical attention, and he was too young to be without his mother.


kitten-billy-rescue-3Source: The Kitten Cottage


He had survived for at least three days without food or water, as the staff had moved the reel the Friday before, and nobody was working over the weekend before the heard the noise.


kitten-billy-rescue-2Source: The Kitten Cottage


They immediately took Billy to The Kitten Cottage in Cape Town, where the medical team determined that they would have to amputate his paw, as it was too damaged. But the little creature had already shown so much will to live, that this operation would only be another small obstacle in his journey.


kitten-billy-rescue-1Source: The Kitten Cottage


Paulette from the Kitten Cottage fostered Billy and made sure his post-operation medication and treatment was taken care of. Kind donations helped with the medical bills and the fur ball started to show signs of getting stronger.


kitten-rescue-billy-6Source: The Kitten Cottage


After three days of antibiotics, the his eyes cleared up and he started adapting to life with three paws.


kitten-billy-rescue-8Source: The Kitten Cottage


Billy has found his forever home since then, and is happily living with three paws as if he were no different to any other cat. The kitten is an inspiration to us all in his zest for life, his positivity and his endurance.


kitten-rescue-billy-4Source: The Kitten Cottage


If you would like to make a donation to The Kitten Cottage to help them save more cats who are found injured and alone, click here.