Tiny Kitten On The Highway Trapped Between Zooming Cars When Someone Stopped Traffic


A video posted on YouTube on September 15 showed footage of a kitten trapped in traffic in Russia.


The tiny thing had fallen off the back of a truck and cars were speeding by without a concern for the kitten's safety. CCTV footage shows that he was nearly run over by several cars and trucks. It must have been incredibly noisy and frightening.


kitten-traffic-1Source: YouTube


No-one stopped their vehicle or called for help… Until one kind-hearted man in a Peugeot pulled over to help.


kitten-traffic-2Source: YouTube


He got out of his car and walked towards the terrified ball of fur, reaching out his hand.


kitten-traffic-3Source: YouTube


By some miracle, the kitten was unhurt and responsive, so the man picked him up and took him home.


A Russian newspaper later managed to tracked down the hero. His name is Denis Degtyarev, 43 years old, from Kaliningrad. He said to the local press:


The kitten turned out very small, not even able to eat, so I took him to the school where my children were and with the help of good people, we found him a new home.


Watch the CCTV footage below: