This Young Adventurer Travels Across The World’s Oceans Accompanied By A Very Unexpected Friend


For two years, a young man from Brittany, France, has been sailing across the globe accompanied by his best friend in the world: a chicken named Monique.


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The two of them met in Saint Barts, an island in the Caribbean, after the young man left home to travel the world on his sailboat.


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Aware of Guirec's (somewhat unique) wish to adopt a chicken to keep him company, his friends on the island decided to give Monique to him.


Guirec began with a 28-day voyage in the Caribbean sea to test his would-be companion's sense of adventure.


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To his great surprise, the chicken was not only the perfect companion for the journey, but his red-feathered friend was perfectly at ease and ready for a new adventure: the frozen waters of Greenland.


Guirec's growing popularity landed him on the front page of newspapers across the world, enabling him to find sponsors to help finance his project with the online platform Ulule.


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And so on June 29th 2015, the adventurous pair began their journey to the extreme North in search of glaciers and the Inuit population, who taught the young man some essential survival skills for the extreme weather.


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Finally, Guirec followed his dream of living in complete isolation, essentially imprisoned for eight months amidst the great Arctic glaciers with three months of total darkness.


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But he always had his chicken friend Monique to keep him company in his loneliest hours.


He was living the dream - the journey of a lifetime with a partner who presented him with fresh eggs!


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The young man hopes that his adventures will send a powerful message to those of all ages, proving that with "will and determination", you can reach your goals and achieve even the craziest of dreams:


I hope that my journey will inspire those who have a dream but not quite enough confidence in themselves, those who don't dare or are scared of getting out of their comfort zone, to go for it!  


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