This Woman Hit And Bit Her Dog In Front Of Other Horrified Passengers On The Subway – The Internet Is Outraged


A shocking scene that took place on the Toronto subway was secretly filmed and posted to YouTube on August 4.


The video showed a woman, possibly under the influence of drugs, abusing her dog, watched by other horrified passengers. She seizes the Chinese Crested Dog by the fur and hits him, telling him to "stop it" despite the dog staying quiet throughout the ordeal.


 Source: YouTube/Roxy Huang


Appallingly, the woman bites the dog several times on both his tail and head. Terrified, the animal tries to escape towards a man sat near to them, but is tugged violently back towards his abuser.


Source: YouTube/Roxy Huang


After several minutes with no reaction from the other passengers, one man finally intervenes and demands that the woman stop her relentless tirade against her little companion. A fierce argument breaks out and the video cuts off quickly.


The video was viewed over 2 million times and caused outrage all over the world, with people clamoring to know what had happened to the frightened pup.


The person who filmed the video soon provided an update, saying that another passenger had warned a conductor on the train about the incident, who then contacted security. 3 officers met the train at the next stop and escorted the abusive woman away.


Source: YouTube/Roxy Huang


She was then interrogated by the police, who had to released her as the dog didn't look injured. However, after an investigation by the Canadian SPCA the canine was taken to a shelter to be rehomed. According to the organisation, he was very well behaved and will probably be put up for adoption to find him a kinder, more loving family very soon.


You can watch a video of the incident below:



Click here to find out how you can support the SPCA in their efforts to rescue animals like this dog!


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