This Tiny Kitten Was Adopted By 4 Chihuahua Grandparents


Benito, MoMo, Choli and Paloma are four senior Chihuahuas who were adopted into the same family, but they recently gained a fifth member to their furry gang in the shape of a tiny kitten, reports The Dodo.


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Their mom, Julie Docherty, works in Los Angeles at Love My Neighbor Foundation, handing out food and clothes to homeless people. One day about a month ago, she saw a woman carrying a tiny kitten that was crying. She told Julie she had found the baby, only 2 and a half weeks old, being tossed around and knew she had to save her.


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Julie also knew she had to something, but she wasn't prepared for another rescue – she had a gang of old Chihuahuas at home who spent their time eating, sleeping and lying in the sun, and she was afraid the baby's presence would be unwelcome.


However, the group of toothless Chihuahuas reacted much better than Julie had hoped. Choli was excited to play, MoMo turned out to be patient and very loving, and Benito and Paloma are a little timid and unfazed at times.


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So Rosita, the little kitten, has her very own family. Docherty told The Dodo:


Her energy level goes from off the charts and then immediately to a nap time, which is much more accepted by the crew.


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The group of five furry friends can't stop cuddling.


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They also share meals.


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And they're always ready for a photoshoot.


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Rosita will no doubt grow up to be strong, confident and loving with four wonderful grandparents taking care of her.


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H/t: The Dodo