This Pregnant Pit Bull Was Found Locked In A Dumpster – A Shelter Opens An Investigation


On December 19, a police officer in Richmond, Virginia, responded to a distress call of a dog found in a dumpster.


dog_mary_pregnant_dumpster_4Source: News 12

The doors of the dumpster were closed and locked, so Officer Muller had to climb in the top. He was shocked to see that the older Pit Bull inside was extremely pregnant. She was already lactating.


dog_mary_pregnant_dumpster_1Source: Richmond Animal Care and Control


Only 48 hours after being brought to the Richmond Animal Care and Control center, the dog gave birth to a litter of seven healthy pups.


They decided to call her Mary because of her Christmas miracle.


dog_mary_pregnant_dumpster_3Source: News 12


Christie Chipps Peters, the director of the shelter told NBC 12:


It's a blessing all around, because oftentimes we don't have a super win. We've had a super win with her.


Mama and puppies are doing well and are currently being fostered together for six weeks. Once Mary and her babies are well enough, they will be put up for adoption.


dog_mary_pregnant_dumpster_2Source: Richmond Animal Care and Control



The organization will be opening an investigation into who abandoned the dog in that dumpster and will be looking to press charges.


If you would like to donate to help the Richmond Animal Care and Control keep taking care of sweet animals like Mary, you can donate to the shelter here.


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