This Photo Of An Animal Shelter Full Of Empty Cages Will Make Your Day


An animal shelter in the US recently published a photo which will put a smile on every animal lover's face today.


Volunteers at the animal shelter KC Pet Project, in Missouri, photographed themselves standing inside empty cages which are normally occupied by dogs and cats who are up for adoption, The Dodo reports.


Oh, what a beautiful sight! 166 pets are hanging out with new families at the conclusion of our Mega Match-a-thon…

Posted by KC Pet Project on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last October, the shelter organised a giant dog adoption event which helped find forever homes for 166 animals.


To celebrate the huge success of the adoption event and to put a smile on everyone's face, the volunteers showed all the empty dog kennels. The powerful visual image is a symbol of hope for every animal waiting in a shelter.


shelter-dog-6Source : @PopSugar


The idea to post the photo was a huge success, with over 7,000 likes on Facebook and 1,300 shares. The ASPCA advised all shelters to try and send these positive messages out on their social media pages. After all, every adoption is a celebration!


mark-the-dog-guy-1Source : @Facebook


The ASPCA reports that approximately 7.6 million pets (mostly dogs and cats) enter animal shelters in the US every year, of which 2.7 million get adopted each year. But the harsh reality is that the same number of these pets (2.7 million) are euthanised every year.


So that more of these animals can find the homes they deserve, you can help support the ASPCA in the US or the RSPCA who help rehome abandoned pets in the UK. Please remember – adopt don't shop.


Via : @The Dodo


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