This Man Slaughtered His Malinois Shepherd, Then Threw Him In The Trash


On Friday March 9 2018, habitants of French town Seraincourt (northern France), witnessed a horrible scene, after one of their neighbours slaughtered his dog, a Malinois Shepherd, before throwing it in the local trash can. An investigation has been launched for animal cruelty.


berger malinois égorgéSource: Le Parisien – Julie Ménard


The incident took place on friday evening, on rue Montcient, around 19h30. Mireille, a neighbour of the person accused, heard the dog crying in the appartment before he suddenly just stopped, total silence ensuing.


He had a habit of beating him but this was different. I heard him leave and he came back, I opened my door. It was then that I saw the trails of blood on the path leading up to his appartment.


Mireille immediately reached out to another neighbour and together they contacted the police. The witness, who prefered to stay anonymous, said to French magazine Le Parisien:


He's a psychopath, we've had problems with him since he arrived here ten years ago. He drinks and takes drugs all the time, which makes him aggressive. He has already threatened to kill local children, with some leaving the area out of fear.


Once they arrived at his place, the police tried to arrrest the suspect in his home, but the man refused to open the door. The police were then forced to knock down the door to the appartment to reach the man, knife in hand and more blood stains.


 berger malinois égorgéPicture of a Malinois Shepherd: ARDEA/MARY EVANS/SIPA


The man, who seemed to be intoxicated at the time, had to be escorted outside by firemen. Mireille describes the scene:


He struggled violently, the police were forced to put him in a firetruck. 


As it stands, the individual accused of animal cruelty is still being treated, because his condition does not allow him to be heard. He is therefore still under medical supervision.


The animal's body, found in a local trash can in the residence, has been taken to the appropriate services. As for the residents, who call the man responsible a "psychopath", they fear he may return.