This German Shepherd Spent 4 Months Abandoned In The Middle Of The Desert


At the beginning of January last year, the organization Hope for Paws - which helps animals in need – received a call informing of them of the presence of a white German shepherd, abandoned in the Californian desert.


bergerblanc-desert-18Source: Youtube/Hope for Paws


For almost four months, people would regularly bring her food and attempted to catch and save her, but in vain. Terrified of humans, Venus was inapproachable.


bergerblanc-desert-7Source : Youtube/Hope for Paws


But when average temperatures reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit in the desert region, it was time to get serious.


Three volunteers from Hope for Paws went to the site in an attempt to remedy the situation. Knowing that the dog wouldn't let them get close to her, they had no choice but to call a veterinarian who would neutralize her with the help of tranquilizer gun.


To do this, the veterinarian parked his car as close to Venus as possible, and waited for her to approach, then fired. Immediately after, the volunteers, waiting in a car parked further away, started running after the dog who, panicked, had started to flee.


bergerblanc-desert-13Source: Youtube/Hope for Paws


Thankfully, the tranquilizer worked quickly and the canine eventually laid down and fell asleep. The team wrapped her in a blanket to take her to the mobile vet unit, where they gave her preliminary treatments.


bergerblanc-desert-4Source: Youtube/Hope for Paws


Once she was stable, one of the employees at Hope for Paws brought the dog to spend the night with her in a nearby hotel, where she kept her company until she woke up. When the tranquilizer finally wore off, she attempted to establish a contact with Venus, who little by little started trusting the young woman.


bergerblanc-desert-1Source: Youtube/Hope for Paws


They immediately returned to Los Angeles the next morning for a complete grooming session before bringing Venus to the shelter, where she was quickly adopted by a loving family who is helping her forget her painful past.


bergerblanc-desert-10Source: Youtube/Hope for Paws


Watch the whole video of the moving rescue, orchestrated and filmed by Hope for Paws below:



H/t: Hope for Paws