This Dying Cat Saved All Of Her Strength To Make Sure Her Kittens Survived


A small cat named Skippy was discovered with her head stuck in an empty jar of peanut butter at the end of March.


Sadly, the poor animal's condition was too severe after being neglected and she didn't make it; but she managed to stay strong just long enough to give birth to four adorable kittens, report Love Meow.


chatte-coincée-bocale-chatons-1Source: San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus


Skippy was found by a local resident who saw the cat in her garden and knew instantly that the animal needed help. She called Carra Mathewson from the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus, who rushed to her aid.


She secured the feline and carefully removed the jar from her head before driving her to a veterinary center for urgent treatment.


chatte-coincée-bocale-chatons-2Source: San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus


Unfortunately, Skippy had been ravaged by maggots and her physical condition was only deteriorating.


She used all the strength that she had left and gave birth to her kittens before sadly passing away. The newborn animals were named Peanut, Butter, Jelly and Honey.


Source: San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus

The adorable felines were extremely weak and were cared for by vets at the San Jacinto clinic, where doctors bottle fed them.


Fortunately, Brittany Fonseca, a member of staff from the shelter, has already found the tiny creatures forever homes just waiting to take them in once they are strong enough.


chatte-coincée-bocale-chatons-4Source: San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus


The tiny animals are all doing extremely well and will soon be ready to start their happy, healthy and long lives in their forever homes.


You can support The San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus and the incredible work they do by clicking here, making a donation and helping them to continue saving animals.


Watch their rescue video below:



Via: LoveMeow


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