This Cat’s Facial Deformities Made Her Un-adoptable, Until A Little Love Transformed Her


When a seven-year-old girl was walking down the street in Istanbul, she started to hear crying noises coming from a garbage can. When she peeked in to see what was inside, she was surprised to see a kitten, badly injured and in need of help.


Gülümser_ kitten_jaw_rescue_4Source: Victor Larkhill/Youtube


Many had passed that same spot, but because of the cat's appearance they didn't take her.


Luckily for the feline, who she decided to call Gülümser (meaning she who always smiles), this little girl saw just how beautiful she was. The facial deformities were a result of severe infections.


Gülümser_ kitten_jaw_rescue_5Source: Victor Larkhill/Youtube


The girl's father was a doctor, so the two worked together to nurse her back to health. They gave her medicine and lots of love, and she slowly started to recover.


She was missing her upper lip and left ear, but the transformation is truly amazing!


Gülümser_ kitten_jaw_rescue_2Source: Victor Larkhill/Youtube



Gülümser and her little human are inseparable. They have completely bonded, and the love they share has transformed the kitten into a beautiful, healthy cat who is full of life!


Gülümser_ kitten_jaw_rescue_1Source: Victor Larkhill/Youtube



She also loves her new sibling, a ginger cat who loves to play with her.


Gülümser_ kitten_jaw_rescue_3Source: Victor Larkhill/Youtube


Watch the video about Gülümser below:



To help save more animals like her, you can donate to the Humane Society here.


H/t: Love Meow