This Baby’s Mom Was Killed In Front Of Her Eyes But She Met Someone Who Gave Her Hope Again


Every year, more than 9000 primates are killed in West Africa for their meat.


A small female baboon lived through this nightmare, when her mom was in the beginning of the year by poachers. The baby, named Missa, is now an orphan and highly exposed to the dangers of her hostile environment. Thankfully, the little female was found just in time by the rangers of Garamba National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reports The Dodo.


missa-babouin-RDC-orphelin-1Source: Centre de Réhabilitation des Primates de Lwiro


The baby had been captured by a poacher, who was subsequently arrested. Missa would have no doubt been raised for her meat and suffered the same fate as her mother.


Determined to save Missa, the park employees did everything possible. A pilot brought the baboon to the Centre de Réhabilitation des Primates de Lwiro, where he was immediately taken into their care.


missa-babouin-RDC-orphelin-2Source: Centre de Réhabilitation des Primates de Lwiro


Missa was still traumatized after witnessing the death of her mother, so rescuers decided to entrust her to a special foster mom who would be able to understand. Missa joined Grace, an older female baboon, saved from a hotel where she was used for tourist entertainment.


missa-babouin-RDC-orphelin-3Source: Centre de Réhabilitation des Primates de Lwiro


From the first second they met, their connection was immediate.


missa-babouin-RDC-orphelin-4Source: Centre de Réhabilitation des Primates de Lwiro


Missa will never be alone again. Surrounded by Grace and their rescuers, even if the road to complete recovery will still be long.


Source: Centre de Réhabilitation des Primates de Lwiro


You can donate to the Centre de Réhabilitation des Primates de Lwiro and help more animals like Grace and Missa by clicking here.


H/t: The Dodo


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