This Baby Was Chained To The Wall Of A Kitchen 6 Months Before Being Rescued


Orangutan populations have been subject to the constant pressure from humans who have been encroaching on their territory for several decades, destroying their natural habitat and pushing them closer and closer to civilization to find food.


bébé-orang-outan-enchaîné-cuisine-2Source: International Animal Rescue


Sadly, too often females are killed, leaving their babies orphaned, incabable of defending themselves and at the mercy of poachers.


That was the sad fate of Bonika, a young orangutan who was only 18 months old, reports The Dodo. The young female was kept as a pet by a resident of Bornéo, Indonesia, who only unchained her for a few hours per day to let her play with his child. The rest of the day and night, she stayed chained to a shelf on the wall, in a particularly uncomfortable position.


Source: International Animal Rescue


Deprived of her mothers milk, the animal was particularly malnourished. Her owner gave her rice, cane sugar, cookies, mineral water, and baby formula. Despite knowing that it was illegal to keep a baby orangutan, her owner was afraid to turn her in and kept her at his side without ever liberating her from her chains.


Thankfully, the horror finally came to an end when the organization International Animal Rescue, specialized in wild animal defense,  came to her rescue.


Source: International Animal Rescue


IAR explains:


She was chained so tightly around the neck that she was clearly in considerable discomfort. The length of the chain was also very short so that poor Bonika could barely move from side to side and was stranded on the plank.


Source: International Animal Rescue


Bonika's owner pretended to have found the baby on his way to work, and seeing her starvation, brought her to his home to feed her, but the volunteers at IAR do not believe this version. A mother orangutan would never abandon her baby without a reason. It is therefore extremly probably that her mother was killed.


Source: International Animal Rescue


After the arrival of the rescue team, Bonika finally escaped her chains. Bonika is now in quarantine, but will soon join a group of young orangutans who were also saved by IAR, where she will learned how to survive on her own, in hopes that she can one day be released into the wild.


bébé-orang-outan-enchaîné-cuisine-6Source: International Animal Rescue


Since July, the two species of orangutan (Borneo and Sumatra) have been classified as critically endangered of extinction by the Internation Union of Nature Conservation. It is therefore incredibly important that the IAR continues and multiplies their rescues. You can help their fight for these animals by making a donation here.


H/t: The Dodo