This Baby Penguin Was Born Blind, But He’s Learned How To Swim Thanks To His Amazing Rescuers


This is Blindy, a baby blue penguin who was sadly born blind. Now a few months old, he wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for the amazing support of his rescuers based in Flea Bay, New Zealand.


blindy-penguin-1Source : @BuzzFeed


The Helps family run Pohatu Penguins, which is a conservation charity that provides sanctuary to the depleting colonies of penguins in Flea Bay. On their website, the founder, Shireen, writes:


 We try to keep a hands off approach to penguins but there are times when taking a penguin into care is worth while.


Blindy was found struggling on his own in a creek having been deserted by his colony.


blindy-penguin-2Source : @Youtube


They soon discovered that the penguin was blind, so they called him Blindy. It also has a deformed beak and head, so Blindy can’t be gendered, either.


But his saviours are making sure that Blindy can still live a normal penguin life, so first on the agenda was teaching him to swim.


We'll let you discover how here:



The Helps family do not know whether Blindy will ever survive if he goes back into the wild one day. But for now, they are taking excellent care of him!


Featured image : @YouTube