This Adorable Rescue Puppy Picks Out A Toy For The First Time


This adorable puppy Roo is taken for a treat she'd never imagined… a trip to the local pet store to find herself a toy.


dog-toy-gif-1Source: @YouTube


Roo is a rescue dog who was found covered in concrete, faeces and urine when she was only a few weeks old. Terrified of everything, especially humans, the shelter home thought she would never find an adoptive family and scheduled her to be put down. Thankfully, she found love with a volunteer foster parent at the last minute.


dog-toy-3Source: @YouTube


The two have formed an incredible bond. Her foster dad wrote a book on Roo's journey called Notes From A Dog Rescue In Progress after his blog went viral.


In this video, Roo gets given the chance to choose her own toy. She has a good sniff of almost every product available in the store. For a moment we think she is going to choose one of those yummy yellow tennis balls…


dog-toy-1Source: @YouTube


But in the end she finds an unexpected companion in a not-so-spiky hedgehog.


Watch the super cute video here:



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