This Adorable Cat Spends His Time ‘Working’ At A Train Station And The Internet Loves It


Kyle, a black and white cat from Glasgow, Scotland, is a very busy feline. For the last year, he has visited Hyndland station, one of the many train stations in Scotland’s biggest city, every day, greeting passengers as they go on their travels.


However, this isn’t his only ‘job’. He also likes to wander over to the nearby Gartnavel Hospital to keep the doctors and nurses company.



Kyle’s incredible adventures are told on his very own Twitter account, “Hyndland Station Cat”, which was started up by a fan. Admirers from all over the city have taken photos of the hardworking cutie, which get retweeted onto his page, letting them know what he gets up to every day.


Kyle loves to be petted and fussed by the commuters and visitors who go through the station, as long as they obey one little rule: never pick him up. According to the station staff, he hates it.



At the hospital, Kyle likes to go to the cancer unit, where he seems to have charmed several people into giving him treats. He’s become so popular there that the hospital’s director decided to make Kyle an honorary ‘Purrfessor’, complete with his own identity card.



At Hyndland station too, Kyle has his own special title. After a quick survey on his Twitter, the public dubbed him ‘The Cat controller’, in an homage to the ‘Fat Controller’ in the Thomas the Tank Engine stories.


The only thing left to do is to find a way for him to wear his badge!



In the meantime, Kyle continues to light up the lives of hundreds of people who visit both the station and the hospital!


H/t: SFR News


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