This 67-Year-Old Woman Lives With 1,100 Cats Who She’s Rescued Off The Streets


Of course, looking after a cat is an absolute joy. Two may be even better, but they're still quite a bit of work. So imagine what it would be like to look after 1,100 cats?


This is the incredible story of Lynea Lattanzio, 67-years-old and retired, she leads a very happy life in the company of 1,100 cats in her 1,600 square foot mobile home.


1100-chats-1Source : The Telegraph


She told the Telegraph:


I went from my five bedroom home with a swimming pool, bar and a view of the river to a 1,600 square foot mobile home with rusty metal.


She now runs Cat House On The Kings, which is California's largest no-cage, no kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats.


Everyday, Lynea and her team of volunteers look after almost 800 cats and 300 kittens! The cats are fed in a special kitchen, they keep warm in a wood stove room, play in the indoor 'kitty garden' as well as the outdoor one, and finally sleep in a room equipped with beds, food, water, and benches. That's a five-star kitty hotel if we ever heard of one!


Elle admitted:


When I first started this endeavour, it was out of my own pocket for seven years. I sold my car, I sold my wedding ring.


1100-chats-2Source : The Telegraph


Over the past 24 years, Lynea has managed to live with over 28,000 cats. What an unbelievable record!


How on earth does she have the energy to do so?!

You can’t really call me a crazy cat lady – I’m obsessive! I’d rather have 800 cats than another man. I don’t need a man in my life.


1100-chats-3Source : The Telegraph


What an amazing woman! We hope any cats wandering the streets manage to find comfort in Lynea's cat mansion!


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