These 9 Dogs Who Found Food Outside One Time Keep Returning Years Later Hoping To Find More


Dogs are animals who like to have their habits and among these are going for walks. Whether it’s to the park or simply around their neighborhood, it’s the perfect chance for them to blow off some steam and explore their environment.


Sometimes life has surprises in store and this was certainly the case for Devo, who stumbled upon some “magic” pasta in a cemetery bush one day.


In a tweet, his owner recalls that ever since he found the lasagna in that bush, he never misses a chance to return to see if more has appeared.



When interviewed by The Dodo, Devo’s owner said:


He knows it’s there somewhere. He knows he is right and I’m wrong when I drag him away. That’s why he will be back there again next time. To eventually prove himself right. I think his optimism is a beautiful thing!


It seems that Devo isn’t the only dog determined to find food in strange places. In fact, after his owner shared his story on Twitter, other people have shared the story of their dogs.







4. “A seagull once dropped a bread roll right in front of Spock’s paws. I think it was a religious experience for him. Still hoping for more sky food.”













H/t: The Dodo


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