These 12 Dog Breeds Are The Most Likely To Make A Run For It


For dog parents, the idea of losing their beloved canine companion can be a huge fear. Dogs are crafty, smart and often very social which can prompt their desires to explore.


FidoFinder put together a list of the top dogs most likely to escape or get lost, so if your four-legged friend is on this list, make sure to keep an extra close eye on them.


escape_artist_dogs_1Source: the3yellafellas

Labs are adorable and their love for their families makes it hard for them to be apart. Their equally curious nature means that if you do leave them alone, they might be inclined to go hunt for some human affection. According to FidoFinder, Labs go missing most often.


2. Chihuahua

escape_artist_dogs_2Source: thetwinpears

These tiny pups are great at sneaking out thanks to their tiny size, and like Labs, they love attention. Make sure they're getting enough, so they don't escape to seek it elsewhere!


3. Pit Bull

escape_artist_dogs_9Source: rocco_the_blue_staffy

Pit Bulls need a firm leader when it comes to training, as they can be extremely stubborn. They are also extremely athletic and strong, making it easy for them to escape any barrier you put in front of them if they put their mind to it.


4. German Shepherd

escape_artist_dogs_10Source: Kyle D'Amato

They were once used as herding dogs, so their combined intelligence and desire to chase small animals makes them a prime flight risk.


5. Yorkshire Terrier

escape_artist_dogs_11Source: kirby_and_yoshi

Call it small dog syndrome, but Yorkies tend to think they rule the roost, and so if they're bored they have no problem making the decision to take themselves for a walk. And thanks to their small size, escaping isn't a problem.


6. Shih Tzu

escape_artist_dogs_4Source: pete_forbes


Shih Tzus love social interaction and will relish any opportunity to explore on their own.


7. Beagle

escape_artist_dogs_3Source: mj_the_beagle

Beagles are smart and need entertainment to prevent boredom, so if this occurs they might be inclined to make a run for it.


8. Siberian Husky

escape_artist_dogs_6Source: Nuzzle

Excellent diggers and jumpers, there is almost no fence that can stand in their way. Huskies hate being left alone and their penchant for running has earned them the nickname "Houdini."


9. Boxer

escape_artist_dogs_5Source: jumpingjax_the_boxer

These guys are extremely active and their endless energy is prime for running off. Their muscular bodies have no problem jumping or climbing over anything that gets in the way of their adventures.


10. Poodle

escape_artist_dogs_7Source: kubi_toy

Poodles' intelligence means they will need a lot of attention and stimulation to be happy, which could mean they're more likely to bolt when bored.


11. Jack Russell Terrier

escape_artist_dogs_8Source: marron0103

These dogs are feisty and quick and will chase after anything that moves. Their small size also lends to escaping easily.


12. Dachshund

escape_artist_dogs_12Source: kirby_and_yoshi

Dachshunds were bred to chase badgers in their holes, so their hunter instincts can often lead them to running away after small animals.


While these dogs are especially skilled at escaping, all dogs possess the capabilities to go missing or run away, so make sure to keep an eye on your canine!


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