The Two Dogs Saved From Death By Viral Photo Have Found A Home


Remember that photo that went viral across the whole world last summer? Kala and Keira, two shelter dogs in Atlanta, US, in a giant embrace a few hours before being put down.


Their story and their faces were so moving that a few hours later, the photo had been shared by millions of internet users. Thankfully this meant the two dogs managed to escape their terrible fate and found a temporary foster family.


Well the great news today is that they have now found a home for good!



Source : @TheDailyMail


An added bonus, they didn't even have to move and have stayed in their hometown Atlanta. It's Pam and Wendy, two roommates, who decided to offer them the stability and love they so needed.


Kala, 11 months old, and Keira, 15 months, have quickly adapted to their new home.



Source : @TheDailyMail


What's more, the young women have just lost two dogs… So it was the perfect time for Kala and Keira to join the family and comfort them.



Source : @TheDailyMail


We wish these pups a long and happy life full of cuddles and kisses 🙂


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