The Top 10 Long-Haired Cat Breeds


While all cats are undeniably wonderful, there is something about long-haired cats with their soft and luxuriant fur that make them as striking as they are unique. It should go without saying that these luscious locks do require more upkeep than their short-haired counterparts but don't let this deter you. Here's a list of our top 10 long-haired breeds if you need further convincing…


1. Maine Coon


Source: Wamiz


The Maine Coon, often referred to as “the gentle giant”, is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cats. Renown for its hunting skills and long, lustrous, soft coat of beautiful fur, the Maine Coon is one of the more popular cat breeds in the world. These highly affectionate cats will get along wonderfully with people of all ages, as well as other animals.


2. Birman


Source: Pet Guide


The Birman is a breed of remarkable beauty. Their blue eyes and markings are similar to the Siamese, as well as their fur that’s usually cream or white in color. They are an active, playful, gentle, and quiet breed with really friendly dispositions. To top it off, their lovely coats aren’t prone to matting either.


3. Persian


Source: VetWest Animal Hospitals


With their piercing green eyes and long white fur, Persian Chinchillas are a very sought after breed. The Persian cat is relatively lazy and at times temperamental but loves to show affection towards their owners. What really sets them apart from other cat breeds is their unique face shape. They do need to be groomed regularly, though, to keep their fur looking beautiful.


4. Himalayan


Source: Pet Guide


With their startling blue eyes, luxurious coat color and pattern, Himalayans are undeniably striking. They are the result of a cross between Siamese and Persian cats. They're quieter than Siamese but more active than Persian's making them great family cats! However, their stunning coat does require regular brushing to maintain its softness and shine.


5. Ragdoll


Source: Pet Guide


Very similar to the Himalayan, is the Ragdoll. With a personality just as brilliant as its fur, they make for great family cats! The Ragdoll is trusting and very relaxed. Fun fact: They’ll often go limp while being held, which is why they’re referred to as ragdolls.


6. Norwegian Forest Cat


Source: VetStreet


If it's a humongous cat you're searching for, then look no further! The Norwegian Forest Cat can weigh up to twice as much as other domestic cat breeds. Easy-going, intelligent, agile and calm, they are a great all-round cats. They also love interacting with people and playing, as they're great hunters!


7. British Longhair


Source: Pet Guide


The British Longhair is often compared to a teddy bear due to their soft, plush fur. They are a wonderful breed to adopt if you live in a small home or in an apartment as they tend to be quiet, relaxed and low maintenance.


8. Siberian


Source: Pet Guide


The Siberian coat is very unique in the fact that is has three layers, meaning you need to devote time to regularly grooming this cat. Despite all of its long fur, though, this breed is actually recommended to those who suffer with cat allergies, as it produces less of the Fel d 1 protein that triggers allergic reactions. Plus, this breed has a fun-loving personality and will make a wonderfully loyal companion.


9. Turkish Angora


Source: Cat Breeds Encyclopedia


The Turkish Angora is renown for having one of the softest coats of fur of any breed of cat. They are also very graceful and elegant, with their white coat making them all the more striking. They’re highly affectionate and very devoted and playful towards their human family as well.


10. Turkish Van


Source: Dogalize


The Turkish Van is a fairly independent kitty that has a downy soft coat of semi-long fur with a beautiful fluffy tail. These cats have active personalities, but what really sets them apart from other domesticated kitties is the fact that they like water and swimming!