The Sickening Revenge Upon The Mother Of The “Killer Bull” Is Causing Absolute Outrage


The whole of Spain has been in shock since Saturday, when the toreador Victor Barrio died in the ring at Teruel after receiving a fatal blow from a bull named Lorenzo.


This is the first Spanish bullfighter to die in thirty years, so it's no surprise that the debate about the bullfighting industry is once again heating up.


Animal rights groups across the world hope that this tragic death will raise greater awareness, calling to put an end to this barbaric tradition forever.


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Public uproar increased even further when the major Spanish newspaper El País announced yesterday, on Sunday July 11, that the bullfighting industry will slaughter Lorenzo's mother, Lorenza, in order to "end the lineage" of the animal who is being branded a "killer".


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It's a truly cruel and disgusting form of vengeance that the Spanish animal rights group Pacma has heavily condemned.


On their Facebook page, Pacma explains:


The mother of the bull Lorenzo, who they are calling the "killer bull" following the death of Victor Barrio, will be sent to the slaughterhouse "to end the lineage". No rite, tradition or custom based on repeated death and sustained by blood and hatred, can be good for society. There is only one ethical way to end this: the total abolition of bullfighting and its festivities.


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This message has been shared more than 4500 times and attracted more than 1300 comments.


The hashtag #SalvemosALorenza ("Save Lorenza") is spreading on Twitter and a petition has also been launched.


"Hasn't there been enough blood already?", continues Pacma.



Though it seems that Lorenzo the bull has already been slaughtered, nobody knows what fate his mother awaits. Conflicting information has been going round – for example the site ABC claims that the female bull was already killed some days ago due to her old age.


Whatever the case, we hope this sad story will make people realise it is high time to put an end to this barbaric tradition, which kills almost 250,000 bulls every year across the world.


You can help lead the fight against the bullfighting industry by supporting the CRAC Europe (page in French), which has long been fighting to abolish bullfighting.