The 8 Summer Dangers For Your Cat Or Dog That You Need To Know About


Summer with your pet can be a fun time, but it brings along with it many unexpected dangers. Lots of cat and dog owners are aware of the most obvious risks such as sunburn and dehydration, but there are many others that it equally as important to look out for.



It is extra important to be vigilant during the hotter months there are certain scenarios which can, in particular, be dangerous. Here are the top eight summer dangers to watch out for:


1. Cars


 Source : @SitStay


Every year multiple animals are left in cars by their owners on hot, sunny days and many of these, unfortunately, don't survive. In only 20 minutes, a car left in the sun can become a fatally hot environment and reach 140°F (60°C).


2. Dehydration


Golden drinking from water fountain.Source: @Waterfiltershop


Cats and dogs need to drink a lot of water all throughout the year to stay properly hydrated. In Summer this becomes even more important as high temperatures make dehydration even more likely. Make sure your animal companion is drinking enough throughout the day.


To know the 10 main signs of dehydration in your dog, click here.


3. Toxic products


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As temperatures rise, families often begin to make use of a multitude of chemical products that are toxic if ingested by your pet. Insecticides and products used to start barbeques are just two examples of chemicals commonly used in summer which are extremely dangerous.


It is, therefore, necessary to use these products as little as possible and to always keep them out of sight from animals.



4. Sunburn


 Source: Horse & Hound


Animal's fur coats are in general quite efficient at protecting them from the sun, but there are nonetheless certain areas which are more exposed and prone to sunburn than others.


Their ears, eyelids, and snout are three areas that are not covered with fur and so particularly important to protect. There are sun creams specifically adapted for animal's sensitive skin to help with thise or you can try to cover these delicate areas with clothing.


If your pet does fall victim to sunburn, it is important to treat it rapidly with moisturising creams. If the burn is causing your dog a lot of discomfort or pain, it is always best to consult a veterinary professional.


5. Heat stroke


Source: University of Illinois


Every year, several hundred dogs fall victim to fatal heat stroke during spring and summer. This phenomenon can come on extremely quickly and be incredibly dangerous but is also easy to avoid by remaining vigilant and never leaving your dog in direct sunlight.


6. Dangerous plants


Source: Clinique Vétérinaire


Summer plants may seem innocent in appearance but some are extremely dangerous for cats and dogs. For example. hydrangeas contain a toxin with properties similar to those of cyanide.


Plants with spiky seedlings, such as foxtail grass, can be extremely dangerous for animals as they can attach to their fur or other parts of the body. To find out more about this danger, click here.


Grapes, albeit a popular and refreshing fruit for summer, are an unsuspecting danger. When eaten in large quantities they can be toxic and damage your animal's kidneys.


7. Parasites and insect bites


Source : Vvcofhamburg


A summer walk through a park or a forest can be a great idea to get some fresh air with your pet. However, during the summer months, the number of insects and parasites is at its peak.


Wasps, hornets and even jellyfish can sting your cat or dog and cause them an itching sensation and pain. Click here to find out what to do if your animal is stung by a bee.


Mosquitos, fleas, and ticks are equally as present during the hottest months of the year and can be carriers of serious diseases such as Lyme disease.


To protect your animals, you can make use of insect repellents or simply check their fur when you come home from walks in nature.


8. Drowning


 Source: Scott Savage


Just like their owners, cats and dogs suffer from the summer heat, and many of them may want to take a refreshing dip in a pool, the sea or a lake. Sadly, not all animals are natural born swimmers and many die from drowning every year.


To avoid this dangerous situation, it is important to watch your pet at all times when they are in the water, even if they are an experienced swimmer.


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