The 10 Most Hilarous Wild Animals Of 2016


Yes, there is indeed an competition to find the funniest animal photos in the world.


The initiative was launched by two wildlife photographers and aims to use humour to highlight the incredible diversity of the natural world. The underlying cause is the conservation of animal species and the protection of their natural habitats, cleverly emphasised by the use of humour.


The candidates of the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced and we are waiting in suspense to find out who the winner will be…


In the meantime, we've compiled a list of the 10 strongest candidates. You'll be in stitches.


1. This napping cutie…   photosfaune-drole-4Source: BoredPanda


2. This fashionable trendsetter

photosfaune-drole-5Source: BoredPanda


3. "The corn? No, I didn't see where it went…"

photosfaune-drole-7Source: BoredPanda


4. Owls can be deceptive.

photosfaune-drole-9Source: BoredPanda


5. This early-morning yoga guru

photosfaune-drole-10Source: BoredPanda


6. This bee that's ready for Coachella

photosfaune-drole-2Source: BoredPanda


7. "You've got to be kidding me!"

photosfaune-drole-6Source: BoredPanda


8. "Just giving my wings a rest."

photosfaune-drole-11Source: BoredPanda


9. "Guys, come check this out!"

photosfaune-drole-3Source: BoredPanda


10. Foxes also hate Mondays. 

photosfaune-drole-1Source: BoredPanda


H/t: BoredPanda