Terrified, She Jumps From A Moving Truck To Escape The Slaughterhouse


Wombat, a four-month-old pig, seized the opportunity to save her own life. The animal was on a truck taking her to the slaughterhouse, when she decided to take matters into her own hooves, reports The Dodo.


wombat-truie-camion-autoroute-1Source: Greener Pastures Sanctuary


Wombat escaped the truck and miraculously survived the fall on a highway in the west of Australia. Cars behind the truck slammed on the breaks just in time, before picking up the piglet and bringing her to the Mandurah Wildlife Rescue, a veterinary care and rehabilitation center.


The animal obviously didn't escape unscathed from her fall. She fractured her snout and eye socket, as well as suffered from internal hemorrhaging, making the first night in the center extremely difficult. The tiny pig almost died.


wombat-truie-camion-autoroute-2Source: Greener Pastures Sanctuary


Thankfully, Wombat survived and was transferred to Greener Pastures Sanctuary, where she spends her days in peace. Two months after her arrival, she has already grown and went from 6 pounds to 88 pounds.


wombat-truie-camion-autoroute-3Source: Greener Pastures Sanctuary


Wombat will still keep some reminders of her fall: her snout will remain slightly bent and her chin will have a large scar, but she will never again have to fear for her life.


wombat-truie-camion-autoroute-4Source: Greener Pastures Sanctuary


Rachel Parker, the founder of the sanctuary, explained:


She is the sweetest, most gentle pig you could hope to meet.


Wombat has also made a friend at the sanctuary, a mini-pig, Freckle, a female whose owner had starved her to stunt her growth. The two animals are inseparable.


wombat-truie-camion-autoroute-5Source: Greener Pastures Sanctuary


Rachel reminds us that although Wombat's story had a happy ending, that's not the case for all the other pigs brought to slaughter.


Wombat is every pig. She is no different to any pig on any truck. She just took a leap of faith and lived to tell the tale. They all want to live and they all want to be loved and I dare say they all know that nothing good comes to them at the end of that truck journey.


wombat-truie-camion-autoroute-6Source: Greener Pastures Sanctuary


You can make a donation to Rachel's sanctuary to help their fight by clicking here.


Wombat the pigA daring bid for freedom nearly cost Wombat the pig her life. Now, she spends her days blowing water bubbles at Greener Pastures Sanctuary. <3 Her story: www.AnimalsAus.org/twT

Publié par Animals Australia sur jeudi 7 janvier 2016


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