Stray Dog In So Much Pain Couldn’t Stop Crying When Rescuers Touched Her


In the city of Koochesfehan, Iran, a stray, female dog was suffering immeasurably. Her name is Khanoom Koochik and she was picked up by the team from Sezar Sanctuary, an organization in the area that saves and rehabilitates injured, sick and abandoned dogs.


dog-khanoom-rescue-1Source: Sezar Sanctuary/YouTube


They found her at the entrance of Koochesfehan Town, in very bad shape. She was emaciated and was suffering from a very bad skin disease.


dog-khanoom-rescue-2Source: Sezar Sanctuary/YouTube


The pup cried out in pain as soon as the rescuer picked her up. Her screams echo in the video posted by the rescue organization.



The team took Khanoom Koochik to their shelter and gave her medical attention. She was neutered and given enough nourishment, and slowly started picking up weight.


dog-khanoom-rescue-5Source: Sezar Sanctuary/YouTube


Soon, she looked healthy and her fur started growing back.


dog-khanoom-rescue-4Source: Sezar Sanctuary/YouTube


The dog is now waiting for her forever home at the shelter, and hopefully she will be adopted soon.


dog-khanoom-rescue-7Source: Sezar Sanctuary/YouTube


The incredible thing about this sweet girl is her transformation. The beginning of the video shows the moment she was rescued, where she had a pained look in her eyes and could not stop crying.


dog-khanoom-rescue-3Source: Sezar Sanctuary/YouTube


The later photos show how well Khanoom Koochik has recovered, and she looks as happy as a dog could be.


dog-khanoom-rescue-6Source: Sezar Sanctuary/YouTube


Her miraculous recovery is thanks to the care, attention and love of the Sezar Sanctuary team, who undoubtedly gave the pup a reason to fight for her life.


Consider making a donation to Sezar Sanctuary, so that the organization can continue helping stray, injured and sick dogs in Iran. All dogs deserve a second chance at a happy life.