Someone Cut Off This Puppy’s Leg And Threw Him 30 Feet Down Into A Canal


In October last year, the rescue association Hope for Paws received an urgent call about a dog that was trapped at the bottom of a canal in Los Angeles, reports the Animal Rescue Site.


dog-jordan-3legs-1Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


Onlookers told the volunteers that a homeless man had attacked the puppy, and thrown him 30 feet into the canal. A man descended on a ladder, and when he approached the dog, he realized something terrible. The shivering pup had only three legs and was moaning in pain.


dog-jordan-3legs-2Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


His leg had been cut off recently as the bone was protruding and the poor dog could hardly even stand up from all the pain. Gently, they lifted him out of the canal and took the boy to the clinic.


dog-jordan-3legs-3Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


He had been bleeding and shivering in the canal for two days, one volunteer mentions. The vet said it was a miracle that Jordan was alive. Besides his severe injuries and infections, he was suffering from a bad case of mange and bacterial infections, as well as being emaciated.


dog-jordan-3legs-4Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


The pup got his first bath and was treated for his infections until he was strong enough to have surgery on his amputated leg and a blood transfusion.


dog-jordan-3legs-7Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


The volunteers from Hope for Paws did not leave Jordan's side for one moment, constantly supporting and petting him so that he would know he would never be alone.


dog-jordan-3legs-6Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


Only a couple of days later, the incredibly brave pup was taken to his foster mom's home, where he had physical therapy and slowly but surely started to get stronger. He had two foster sisters, who helped him stay strong and not give up hope.


dog-jordan-3legs-8Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


He was adopted into his forever family, where he has plenty of human and animal brothers and sisters, and where he runs and plays every day without even realizing that he is any different. Jordan's story is an inspiring one because he chose to live, and he chose to thrive, despite the extremely painful and tragic place he came from.


dog-jordan-3legs-5Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


This dog has endured the most cruel, traumatizing past but never lost hope or the will to live.




dog-jordan-3legs-9Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


If it hadn't been for Hope for Paws, Jordan would never have survived alone in the canal. Consider making a donation to the organization to help them save more dogs and give them a second chance at a happy life.


dog-jordan-3legs-11Source: Jordan the Wonder Dog/Facebook


Jordan the Wonder Dog has earned his nickname and his 33,000 Facebook fans through his strong, determined character. You can follow his adventures with his new, loving family on Facebook.


You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here. Watch Jordan's heart-wrenching, moving story below:




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