Six-Day-Old Dolphin Just Died At Popular Theme Park And No One Is Talking About It


Just days after SeaWorld reported the death of Kyara, its newest orca, comes the death of another innocent marine mammal. Parc Astérix, a popular theme park near Paris, France, announced last week that a dolphin had died (link in French) at just 6 days old on July 17.


Source: AFP


At the beginning of May, a ministerial decree was voted on in French parliament to ban the breeding of captive orcas and dolphins in France. Following the decree, the baby dolphin was one of the last to be born in captivity in France.


Unfortunately, he only lived 6 days, with the cause of death still unknown. In a statement released by the park, the management said:


The results of the autopsy are inconclusive. We are currently doing some analysis alongside the autopsy to find the exact cause of death.


 Source: Arnaud S.


The little dolphin was the son of Aya, a 21-year-old. He was also not the first dolphin to lose their life at Parc Astérix. Aloa, a young female, died in 2015 after being attacked by pod-mates.


Every year, marine mammals suffer and die in tanks for human amusement. They live in terrible conditions, cramped pools and have unhealthy diets in captivity. They are emotionally understimulated and are often crammed into pools with too many other animals and not enough space, causing fights.


If you feel strongly enough about getting these animals back into the open sea, you can join PETA's campaign against SeaWorld.


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