She Was Completely Covered In Thick Tar, But Her Rescuers Managed To Save Her Life


A young Indian boy found this 3-month-old pup lying near a road construction site, covered in a thick layer of tar. She was so firmly stuck in this trap that she could neither get up nor move at all.


CaptureSource : @Youtube 


After managing to get her out of the toxic chemical, the boy took the pup to the animal hospital Animal Aid Unlimited, which came to her rescue straight away.


chien-goudron-inde-2Source : @Youtube 


The volunteers started by rubbing vegetable oil on the pup to melt the tar. Then they scrubbed the animal with soap and water, repeating the process several times. It was many long hours of work before her coat was completely clean.


chien-goudron-inde-3Source : @Youtube 


We'll let you watch the video for yourself here and enjoy the pup's relief when she finds herself free once again.


Source : @Youtube