Scrappy Was Born A Black Cat But He’s Now Turning White


18-year-old Scrappy was born a black cat but when he was seven he started to grow white patches in what is thought to be a rare case of feline vitigo. Now he's a beautiful black and white cat!


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It isn't a case of growing old and greying with Scrappy. Vitigo is a condition more common in humans, where they develop patches of white skin. But Scrappy is in perfectly good health despite his condition!


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Scrappy's been growing whiter and whiter over the past ten years but now it seems his camouflaged, unusual markings have slowed down as he grows older.


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Since his coat has been changing colour, Scrappy has turned into an internet sensation for his unique fur markings. His Facebook page has almost 40,000 likes and he's got thousands more followers on Instagram!


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Scrappy enjoys sleeping on his back, gazing out of windows, bird watching, playing and cleaning, like most felines. His human says Scrappy is affectionate but has ‘grumpy days’, according to the Daily Mail.