This Rescued Dog With A Decaying, Hole Filled Muzzle Is Now Unrecognizable


It was an extreme case that affronted the volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited India.


museau-trous-9Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India


They released a video last month showing one of their teams coming to the rescue of a dog in critical condition: his muzzle was infected to such an extent that several holes had formed, which were filled with hundreds of worms.


Capture d’écran 2016-12-01 à 17.15.12Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India


Consumed with pain, the animal was incapable of moving. One of the members of Animal Aid wrapped him in a blanket and took immediately to the association center, where a medical team did everything possible to save his life.


museau-trous-7Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India


After giving him anesthesia, the doctors started by removing the worms one by one from his muzzle, and then the dead tissue. They then doused his wounds with liquid disinfectant and finished by wrapping his head in thick bandages.


museau-trous-1Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India


His recovery lasted three months, but miraculously, the dog, who is now known as Teddy Bear, made it out alive. He will have scars all of his life, but his muzzle has partially healed, and the animal has regained his adorable mug.


museau-trous-4Source: Animal Aid Unlimited India


Thanks to the quick intervention and professionalism of the team of volunteers, Teddy Bear will be able to spend his days in happiness at the sanctuary of the association. If you would like to help support Animal Aid Unlimited India in their fight for street animals, you can made a donation here.


Here is the video of the rescue in its entirety: