Recent Study Proves Our Pets Are Way Better Companions Than Humans


It's official: we love our four-legged friends more than we love humans.


We've always known that hanging out with your dog or cat is way more fun than seeing friends, but now a study has actually proved it.


The pet site Rover conducted a survey asking hundreds of pet parents in the U.S. just how much they love their furry friends. And the results are amazing!


Here are 9 hilarious findings from their survey which prove just how much we love our dogs:

1. 61% of pet parents would end a relationship for their pet.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-11Source: @Instagram


2. Over 1/3 of pet parents would give up a job opportunity for their pet.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-2Source: @LemonoreRigby


3. Over 1/4 of pet parents think their family prefers their pet to their partner.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-3Source: @AlbertoGestoso


4. Over 1/4 of pet parents have brought their dogs on a date.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-4Source: @Instagram


5. 85% of pet parents are more likely to "swipe right" on a dating site for a photo that includes a dog.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-5Source: @Instagram


6. 95% of dog owners would rather spend the night at home cuddling with their dog than on a blind date.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-6Source: @tancyr


7. Nearly 70% of dog parents would sacrifice "alone time" with their partner for their dog.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-7Source: @Instagram


8. Nearly half of pet parents spend more money on their pet than their partner every month.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-10Source: @GeorgetheBulldog


9. And 87% of pet parents would get their pet a Valentine's gift.

prefer-dogs-over-humans-9Source: @MyPreciousSheltie