Pierced By Two Arrows And Destined To Be Eaten, She Was Left For Dead In The Street


(Caution: Some images can be shocking)


A miracle. That is without a doubt how to describe Quivver, a little dog who was discovered at the beginning of December on the streets in Chengdu, China. And for good reason: pierced through by arrows, the animal had very little chance of living, reports Express.


chienne-flèches-chine-1Source: Facebook


The pup was surely destined for the dog meat trade, but she was able to escape, despite having two arrows through her body. Quivver was in bad shape when Ciao Wei, an animal lover, discovered her in the street. The young woman immediately brought the poor creature to the Chengdu Qimin Small Animal Protection shelter.


Source  Facebook

The veterinarians there first recommended euthanasia, but Quivver defied all the prognoses, and her story arroused a wave of support from around the world. The dog is totally out of danger now, and will soon join her new family.


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This happy ending should not distract from the sad reality of dog meat trafficking in China. The Chinese are still large consumers and remain attached to this culinary tradition. The controversial Yulin Festival, where thousands of cats and dogs are slaughtered every year, is still going strong, despite the many critics. Around 10 million dogs are massacred every year for culinary purposes. Dog meat is also particularly popular in Vietnam where many restaurants are located on the streets.


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In 44 U.S. States an individual cooking and eating a dog is still very much legal. While this consummation is extremely marginal and circumstantial, and the evolution of the human relationship with animals – especially pets – makes this definitively taboo. Today, this practice is considered barbaric. You can sign a petition here asking the government to put an end to this practice.


H/t: Express