Paralysed Puppy Was Dragging Himself Along The Beach Until The World Fundraised His Recovery


Meet Leo, a paralysed pup from Thailand who was lucky enough to be rescued by a kind samaritan and given a new lease on life. And his own wheelchair, to top it all off!


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At just 18 months old, Leo was left paralysed after being struck by a motorcycle. Nobody came to Leo's aid and the poor pup was left to struggle and fend for himself by dragging the weight of his body along using just his front legs.


Roughly two weeks after this incident, a young Canadian woman, Meagan Penman, who was vacationing in Thailand came across him while on a beach in Hua Hin.


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He was terribly wounded from the accident and had since built up infected sores on his legs from the friction of dragging himself along the ground. He was also malnourished, covered in ticks and had a bad bladder infection.


Meagan took pity on the poor dog that so many people had ignored. She took him to the vet immediately, intent on getting him on the road to recovery. She managed to get him some immediate veterinary care in Thailand.


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But unfortunately, there was no local rescue group that could take him Leo in. So out of the kindness of her heart, she raised enough money to get him back to Canada to find a new loving home. She raised a staggering $7,000 online for Leo’s flight to Ottawa.


It was at that point that Jamie Smith, also from Ottawa, came across his story, fell in love with Leo and agreed to foster and care for the adorable little shepherd mix.


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Leo was then given his very own Facebook page which received a huge outpouring of love and support from dog lovers all over the world. It raised a whopping $4,500 in just 24 hours. The generous donations meant that Leo could receive all the medical attention he needed and even get a bit of much needed grooming and pampering in too!


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Leo is now happier and safer than ever staying in a cosy, forever home in Sarnia. He gets all the medical attention he needs and he now has his very own wheelchair that allows him to run wild down the city streets.


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His mummy, Jamie Smith, loves him very much. What an amazing transformation, we wish Leo all the best!


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