Mother Donkey Can’t Bear To Leave Her Injured Baby


The images are striking. In India, an adorable baby donkey was attacked by a wild animal before being saved by the animal protection association, Animal Aid Unlimited, who filmed the rescue.


capture-decran-2016-09-30-a-21-37-17Source: Youtube


The poor donkey had been bitten in multiple places and was seriously injured, while her mother, panicked, tried to comfort her.

Luckily the rescue volunteers acted quickly. They applied a powder to stop the bleeding on her wounds, then took her to their medical center for treatment.

baby-donkey-india-6Source: Youtube


At first the mommy donkey seemed very fearful towards the rescuers, watching them closely and ready to intervene at a moment's notice as they examined her baby.



When the little one was loaded into the truck, the mother started to stress so much that they loaded her into the truck too.

baby-donkey-india-3Source: Youtube


Back at the shelter, the Animal Aid Unlimited team shaved off the baby's fur to disinfect and bandage her up. Her mother, who seemed to understand that her little one was in good hands, relaxed a little as she surveyed the scenario.


The small donkey's wounds were especially deep and needed to be disinfected and bandaged daily, but thanks to the team's dedication and her mom's unconditional love, Genevieve is doing much better now!


baby-donkey-india-5Source: Youtube


What a wonderful rescue mission!


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Have a look at the incredible rescue here: