Meet The 10 Largest Dog Breeds On The Planet


Have you ever wondered how big the largest dogs are in the world?


You all roughly knew that Wolfhounds, Great Danes and St. Bernards were up there but you might not have been sure about who else was competing for the top spot.


Check out our list (in no particular order) of the world's 10 largest dog breeds:


1. The Scottish Deerhound



The Scottish Deerhound emerged in Scotland, bred to bring down stags in the Scottish highlands. They're dignified, gentle and polite.


Height: 71 to 81 cm
Weight: 34 to 50 kg


2. The Tibetan Mastiff



The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed and originates from nomadic cultures of Tibet, China, Nepal, and India. They're intelligent, reserved and independent.


Height: 66cm (average male)
Weight: 48 – 82 kg


3. Anatolian Shepherd Dog



This powerful breed served shepherds in Turkey’s harsh climate as the front line of defence against predators. They're independent, loyal and reserved.


Height: 71 – 81 cm
Weight: 40 – 65 kg


4. The Irish Wolfhound



Although lightweight, these dogs are one of the biggest dog breeds by height. Roman records describe these ancient war hounds with awe and fear. They're calm, dignified and courageous.


Height: 71 – 90 cm
Weight: 40 – 69 kg


5. The Great Pyrenees



A shepherd’s best friend, the Great Pyrenees was bred to protect sheep on the steep slopes of southwestern Europe. They're intelligent, affectionate and majestic.


Height: 65 – 82 cm
Weight: 36 – 54 kg


6. The Great Dane



Great Danes are well-known for being the world’s biggest dog breed, or at least the tallest. They're friendly, patient and dependable. This is Zeus, the tallest dog in the world.


Height: 71 – 86 cm
Weight: 45 – 90 kg


8. The Mastiff, Bullmastiff & Neapolitan Mastiff 



The Mastiff is the largest dog breed in terms of mass, though not the tallest. Originating in England, they served as watchdogs for thousands of years. They're good-natured, dignified and courageous.


Height: 70 – 91 cm
Weight: 55 – 100 kg


9. The Newfoundland



These large water-rescue dogs actually have webbed feet, and they are nicknamed “Gentle Giants". They're sweet, devoted and patient.


Height: 69 – 74 cm
Weight: 45 – 70 kg


10. Saint Bernard



Saint Bernards are originally from Switzerland, and were bred for alpine rescues. They're calm, patient and sweet, another gentle giant.
Height: 65 – 90 cm
Weight: 64 – 120 kg


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