Man In Florida Charged With Animal Cruelty After Shooting Neighbour’s Cat


A man has been accused of animal cruelty after shooting his neighbour's cat with a BB gun in a trailer park in Ormond Beach, California.



The cat belonged to Hung Nguyen, a 60 year old man who also owns 8 other cats, all loved by their neighbours.


A neighbour's son found the cat underneath her trailer, seriously injured. She told Click Orlando:


It was the most saddest thing to see a little animal, literally tears running down its face.


The 69 year old man who shot the cat is said to have several health issues and has admitted to shooting cats who have gone into his garden in the past, but said he'd always missed.



He found his neighbour's cat defecating on the path leading to his home and said the cat "looked at him like he owned the place." The man claimed it was never his intention to shoot the cat and simply wanted  to scare it into getting off his walkway, stating that "the flies and the smell [are] just horrendous."


The bullet unfortunately hit the cat, paralysing it in the process. It managed to drag itself under the neighbours trailer to hide. It was still alive when the neighbour's son found it but the injuries were too serious and the cat had to be euthanised.



His neighbour believes that it's important that he's punished for his actions:


If he's not accurate of how he shoots, what's to stop him from shooting anybody?


He hopes to get away with just a fine, saying that it was a "poor judgement call." If he's charged with a felony, he risks losing his income and even his home for "accidentally shooting some cat."


H/t : Click Orlando


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