Maître Coq: New Shock Video By L214 Reveals Horror Of Chicken Farm


After a shocking investigation into Matines, the leading French egg producer, the L214 association is back in force with new images, this time filmed at a farm of the producer Maître Coq. The video serves as new proof of the relentless suffering endured by these animals, raised in their thousands each year in what some would call criminal conditions.


poulets maître coq L214Source: L214


As L214 recalls, 8 out of 10 chickens are raised in intensive farms in France. Locked up their whole life and piled up on top of each other in huge warehouses, most of them will never see the light of day.


Each year, nearly 800 million chickens are killed in French abattoirs. 83% of them are intensively raised.


The chickens are generally genetically chosen and then "programmed" to grow as quickly as possible, which can have devastating effects on their health. In the video, you can see that some of them can't even carry their enormous weight on their tiny feet.


poulets maître coq L214Source: L214


L214 also revealed their living conditions saying that there are 30,ooo chickens per building, over 21 per square meter. The animals lie on soil surrounded by sick, injured or even dead chickens and excrement, making it difficult for them to breath.


Many chickens limp [and] some can no longer even reach the water troughs, dying of thirst. 


Just 35 days after birth, the chickens are sent to be slaughtered, even though their average lifespan is 8 years. An accelerated life that condemns them to daily suffering and agony. L214 recalls on its site:


Because of these unsuitable rearing conditions, chickens develop many health problems: heart and respiratory problems, lameness, fractures, burns… each year more than 30 million chickens die in rearing. The bird strains used in breeding have been selected for their ability to grow and grow quickly. This accelerated growth causes serious health problems: weakened, the birds struggle to bear the weight of this enormous body.


Moreover, these chickens systematically consume antibiotics, which are added to their feed in order to reduce the mortality rate to a minimum, and consequently, avoid losses.


poulets maître coq L214Source: L214


On their website, as indicated by L214, the producer Maître Coq nevertheless guarantees the welfare of the animals they exploit by specifying:


Our poultry is raised in groups and on the ground in poultry houses adapted to their needs. They have enough room to move freely, scratch and peck. They are raised on a clean, comfortable plant scrap, renewed regularly…


A promise far removed from reality, which the association calls "misleading marketing to reassure consumers".


poulets maître coq L214Source: L214


According to a survey, 91% of French people say that are against intensive poultry, and 66% are prepared to reduce the amount of chicken they consume, opting for a vegetarian alternative.


However, this thorny subject, at the heart of the debate in the National Assembly during the assembly of deputies within the framework of the Egalim law, was simply swept aside, the chickens' fate taking a back seat.


If you would like to read L214's report on Maître Coq, click here (in French).


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The video taken by L214 :