Last Starving Animals Have Just Just Been Rescued From Zoo In This War-Torn Country


Mosul is a city in Iraq that is ravaged by war and conflict. Among the destruction, there were some inhabitants of the city who could not get out even if they wanted to, because they do not have a voice of their own.


zoo-mosul-four-paws-6Source: Four Paws International


In the Montazah Al-Morour Zoo in the East of the city, only one lion and one bear are still alive, but barely.


zoo-mosul-four-paws-5Source: Four Paws International


Simba and Lula had spent such a long time without food, veterinary care or clean cages, that they were ready to give up on life.


zoo-mosul-four-paws-3Source: Four Paws International


However, the animal protection association Four Paws International was not about to let that happen. They said on their website:


The zoo was nearly destroyed and most of its animals including a lioness, monkeys and rabbits were killed or died of starvation.  Although alive, both animals (Simba and Lula) look miserable and are suffering from many diseases.


zoo-mosul-four-paws-8Source: Four Paws International


Dr. Sulaim Tameer Saeed, who is the founder of the Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection (KOARP), has been the only person taking care of the pair over the past few months.


zoo-mosul-four-paws-4Source: Four Paws International


He had arranged for food to be sent over. He told The Dodo:


On February 2, I got an email from some people inside Mosul asking [for] emergency help for three animals, two lions and one bear, remaining without food more then 60 days.


zoo-mosul-four-paws-2Source: Four Paws International


The other lion passed away before Four Paws arrived on the scene this week. The animals' cages were full of debris and they desperately needed to get out of there.


zoo-mosul-four-paws-7Source: Four Paws International


Four Paws' veterinarian, Dr. Amir Khalil, treated them and hopes for their quick recovery. The organization continued:


The food will be distributed with the help of local volunteers. The health condition of the animals is still far from good, but veterinary care should help them to overcome the hardest time and we are hopeful they will recover.


zoo-mosul-four-paws-1Source: Four Paws International


The local volunteers, who are living in a war-torn city and can hardly find enough food to feed their families, brought food to help the starving animals. Please make a donation to Four Paws to support them in their brave work and rescue missions in Iraq. Watch the video below that the association posted showing the rescue mission:



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