Jesper, The Adventurous Globetrotting Cat, Has Taken The Internet By Surprise


Now you might have met your fair share of dogs who go on epic adventures with their humans. Like Aspen, the Golden Retriever who's taking Instagram by storm. Or this man and his wolfdog who sleep in hammocks out in the wild.


But I bet you've never heard of a cat who likes skiing, hiking and long walks on the beach? Well, we certainly hadn't before we met Jesper!


Did we mention the fact he also swims?


You won't believe your eyes, Jesper absolutely loves travelling:


jesper-pusen-1Source : @Instagram


This three-year-old ginger cat lives in Norway with his human, Aina Stormo. Together, they travel all over the world.


Aina told the website Adventure Cats:


He likes hiking in the mountains or in the forest, but the best is fishing trips. That is heaven for him. He really loves fishing.


jesper-pusen-2Source : @Instagram


The pair are completely inseparable and they go off on walks together several times a week.


jesper-pusen-9Source : @Instagram


But what Jesper's really famous for is this amazing video of him skiing with his human:



Aina admitted:


It is not so easy to go skiing with a cat. You have to be good at stopping fast, and you have to have good balance… He can’t run so fast downhill, so he sits in the backpack or on my shoulder.


jesper-pusen-12Source : @youtube


We'll let you take in a selection of his most breathtaking shots:


jesper-pusen-11Source : @Instagram


jesper-pusen-4Source : @Instagram


jesper-pusen-5Source : @Instagram


jesper-pusen-14Source : @Instagram


jesper-pusen-6Source : @Instagram


jesper-pusen-7Source : @Instagram


jesper-pusen-10Source : @Instagram


jesper-pusen-14Source : @Instagram


If you want to keep up to date with Jesper and all his adventures, you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.


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