They Wanted To Give This Dying Dog A Dignified End. But He Chose To Survive


In November 2014, Valia Orfanidou came across this photo of a starving, abandoned dog which completely knocked her sideways, reported The Dodo.



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The volunteer at a Greek animal shelter decided she had to act and made it her mission to help give this poor dog the most comfortable end to his life as possible.


Accompanied by some of the other shelter volunteers, Valia left Athens and travelled 40 miles to go and find the dying animal.


After a lot of asking around after him, they finally found him and took him straight to the emergency vet. They called him Billy and Billy was absolutely terrified. He could hardly walk or wag his tail, and Valia thought he was breathing his last.



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A quick examination showed that Billy was ravaged with mange, it was very advanced and extremely contagious, and the vet did not expect him to survive.


Commenting on Billy's rescue video, she told The Dodo:


When we got him out of the travel crate, the state of his crippled body along with his absolute terror was too hard to look at, we couldn't even cry as we were so shocked. We were convinced we had rescued him so that we could offer him a dignified and comfortable end to his life.




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Against all expectations, following further examinations, the vet announced that his prognosis was not life threatening and that he could survive with treatment. What a huge surprise for the volunteers!


Well they got going with Billy's treatment, and after a few days at the vet, the dog moved into Valia's home. He needed to rest and indeed he spent most of his time sleeping calmly, in a little cosy spot Valia had set up for him.



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Valia went on to say:


I felt I had a precious little treasure who I had to look after, and I kept checking on him all day everyday to make sure he was alright.


The treatment, along with Valia's kindness and love, seemed to start having an effect. Billy was recovering bit by bit. Ten days after he had been rescued, and he was already up for going for a walk!


Billy wasn't going to give up. He was a survivor.


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Two months later, and you'd hardly recognise him. He's put on weight and his fur has grown back, and he looks nothing like the poor dog on the brink of death when Valia first saw him.



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Unsurprisingly, Valia and Billy have got a truly exceptional bond, after she nursed him back to health. But he couldn't stay with Valia forever, and luckily, a lovely young woman from Switzerland wanted to offer Billy her home forever.



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Although Valia found it very hard to say goodbye to Billy, she is so happy that he's found such a loving home and he really does look so happy there:



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Watch Billy's incredible transformation here:



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