Hilarious Husky Who Flatly Refuses To Get Out Of The Bath Is Going Viral


Huskies are well-known for their kind and playful characters, but they're also known to be rather stubborn.


And Zeus is no exception.


Whilst most dogs howl in protest at the thought of having a bath, this adorable husky is actually begging for bath time!


So the best way for him to make sure he's heard loud and clear is by refusing to get out of the tub…


husky-tetu-baignoire-2Source : @YouTube


Despite his human's best attempts to get him out, Zeus is a determined dog.


His whines and whimpers make it pretty clear that he's not going anywhere until the bath is run.


husky-tetu-baignoire-3Source : @YouTube


This video, filmed by his human, has already gone viral on the internet, with over 5 million views.


How many more? We'll let you decide:




* * *


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