He Travels The World Saving Dogs From The Meat Trade And Exposing The Horrors Of This Industry


Zack Skow is an utter hero when it comes to protecting animals. Skow is the founder of the charity Marley's Mutt which takes in dogs, helps them recover and then puts them up for adoption in the US. But he wanted to help the animal cause even more. He travelled to South Korea so that he could report on the horrors of the dog meat trade there.


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Source : @Marley'sMutt


In South Korea, 2 million dogs are slaughtered each year for their meat and the industry rakes in around 2 billion dollars a year.


A Korean woman, called Nami, has been fighting against the dog meat trade for years and let Zack visit several dog breeding farms. Together, they travelled across the country investigating and exposing the horrible lives of these dogs who spend their lives trapped in a cage before being killed and served as food.


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Source : @Marley'sMutt


Above all, Zack wanted to film the atrocities so that the world could see what was happening. But he also tried to help save several dogs from their fate along the way. With Nami's help, two of the breeders let Zack take some of the dogs with him. One of them was this beautiful Golden Retriever:


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This adorable dog was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape his terrible fate. Like all dogs bred in this industry, he spent his whole life in a tiny cage, going round in circles to the permanent sound of dogs yelping for their lives.


Zack managed to take this pup back to the US where he went to the shelter before being adopted by a loving family.


The next day, he also managed to rescue two little puppies from their horrible death.


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So Zack ended up returning to America with three dogs who he'd saved from the hellish industry. Three out of 2 million. But each life counts and these three symbolise the fight against the barbaric industry.


He said:


I wish I could save all of them. I hope everyone at home realises that this is a real problem. This is happening all over the place in Korea, and this is no joke. Sign petitions, donate money, sign up as fosters, do whatever you can do to help us save these dogs.


There's a way we can change things. Some people look at the situation and say "this is in Korea, how can we possible put an end to this, we can't help them." Well, that's a really stupid way to look at it. I think we can make a difference, and look at the difference we've already made.


Back in Kora, Nami is still working tirelessly everyday to help save the lives of as many dogs as possible. Since Zack left, she has already managed to save 50 of these dogs' lives.


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Source : @Marley'sMutt


We cannot praise these two animal defenders more. And we should follow from their example and help save these poor dogs' lives. To support Zack's wonderful charity, Marley's Mutts, you can make a donation on this page.


And you can also sign this petition demanding South Korea to put an end to the vicious dog meat trade.


Watch Zack's journey through Korea here and see him save those three dogs' lives (warning – there are some upsetting images) :



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