Father Photographs His Baby And His Beagle For Two Years And It’s Adorable


Timothy Jones, a British father and photographer, took a photograph of his son, Stan, and his dog, Jasper, each month for the first two years of the child's life.



The aim was to immortalize the physical evolution of his baby, as well as that of his pretty beagle of 6 years. The result is an adorable series of black and white photos with the best friends posing side by side.



timothy-jones-photog-3Source : Timothy Jones


The idea came to him in a spontaneous way: "Jasper always used to sit in the chair and chill out, and I thought it would be a good picture of the both of them in the chair", confided the father. The idea then turned into a way of showing their physical changes in the same pose for the following months.


On his website, Jones comments on his project, named The Beagle and the boy :


Every month we take the photo. As you can see the location of the chair changed a few times and we even lost the chair for a month when my Nan reupholstered it for us.


Stan was only ten days old when all this started, and today he heading towards his third birthday. His dad does not plan on stopping there! With time, Jasper and the boy have become inseparable, much to Timothy's delight.



The collection of photographs, as adorable as it is touching, highlights in a simple way the place a pet plays in a child's life growing. We'll leave you to admire the result.



timothy-jones-photog-4Source : Timothy Jones


 Source : Timothy Jones


timothy-jones-photog-8Source : Timothy Jones


timothy-jones-photog-6Source : Timothy Jones


timothy-jones-photog-7Source : Timothy Jones


timothy-jones-photog-9Source : Timothy Jones


timothy-jones-photog-10Source : Timothy Jones


IFSource : Timothy Jones


IFSource : Timothy Jones