Duskies, Chuskies, Pomskies: Here are 12 Crazy Husky Mixes


So we're not sure if anything's cuter in the world than Husky Mixes. Such a stunning breed in itself surely makes for a stunning cross breed right?


We decided to explore some of the most amazing (as well as the most outrageous) Husky cross breeds we could find!


These 12 images will blow your mind/melt your heart:


1. Australian Shepherd x Husky = Ausky

Australian cattle dog husky mixSource

2. Corgi x Husky = Corgsky

Corgi husky mixSource


3. Golden Retriever x Husky = Goberian (as a puppy…)



… And look at him as an adult!

Golden siberianSource

4. Irish Wolfhound x Husky = Wolfsky

Husky mix 3Source

5. Pomeranian x Husky = Pomsky

pomsky 2Source

6. American Eskimo x Husky = Huskimo


7. Rottweiler x Husky = Rottsky


8. Akita x Husky = Huskita


9. Pitbull x Husky = Pitsky



10. Chow Chow x Husky = Chusky

Chow chowSource


11. Dachshund x Husky = Dusky



12. German Shepherd x Husky = Gerberian Shepsky

German shepherd husky mixSource


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